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A major Norwegian Operator is experiencing solids production in multiple wells on one of its platforms. Due to the sandstone reservoir, several wells have been restricted to ASR (Acceptable Sand Rate) and is not producing at full capacity. The reduced flowrates (below lifting rate) caused sand accumulation in the wellbores and caused the installation to be subject to multiple costly CTCO (coiled tubing clean-out) campaigns to remove sand plugs and partial blockages.



A DualFlow 5K PSI production enhancement unit has been installed on the platform and in continuous use since 2013. Connected to all four test manifolds it has contributed to an increased flexibility with regards to utilization of the test separators and a wider range of back pressure to enable start-up off wells with naturally declined pressure support in the reservoir or indications of plugging in the wellbore which makes start-up more challenging.

The system is very compact, only requiring 2m x 2m real estate and weighing 8 500kg. The DualFlow offshore operators have become a part of the operations team on the platform and have detailed knowledge about reading and understanding well data. Determining how to produce each well in the most optimal way to achieve the clients request whether that is to identify the production parameters for the most beneficial PI (productivity index), flowback and cleanout after intervention operations such as acid stimulation and proppant fracking, “kick-starting” partially plugged/plugged off wellbores, regularly producing wells above ASR to remove accumulated solids in the wellbore after normal production at ASR to avoid plugging.

All these operational scenarios are contributors to:
• Increasing oil production by enabling production rates exceeding ASR
• Prevent costly cleanout operations such as CTCO and snubbing
• Reducing wear in the production chokes and in the downstream process facility
• Reducing amount of oil contaminated solids jetted to sea
• Reduced downtime for wells due to ASR restrictions and plugging
• Accommodates for tail production in mature fields, increased water cut leads to higher flowrates to gain oil from the
reservoir, this will again lead to higher solids production


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