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FourPhase was founded in January 2012 and has offices in Aberdeen and Bergen. With a team having over 100 years experience in solids control, FourPhase is changing traditional approaches to oil & gas production.
FourPhase plays an important role in the recovery of your oil and gas reserves.

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Learn more about our leading sand removal and production optimization technology.

5K DualFlow Unit

Tech sheet

The DualFlow 5K unit uses next generation cyclone technology that was developed and engineered by FourPhase and is the leading solids removal solution on the market.

SingleFlow Unit

Tech sheet

The SingleFlow unit is intended for use in offshore and onshore applications where small amounts of solids will be present at surface from oil&gas flowback.

Real Time Sand Trap Unit

Tech sheet

The Sand Trap unit is intended for use in offshore and onshore applications as a detection method for overflow upstream of the production separator.

X-Flow Choke Manifold

Tech sheet

The X-FlowTM Choke Manifold reduces the amount of temporary flowback iron (pipework) commonly in half.

Storage Vessel

Tech sheet

The low pressure Storage Vessel is a 50bbl storage tank. The vessel is designed and manufactured to the highest international standards including: DNV 2.7-1 and PED.

Degassing Vessel

Tech sheet

The FourPhase Degassing vessel is designed to remove virtually all entrained gases, including hydrogen sulfide and corrosive oxygen from return fluid.

Surface Safety Valve (SSV)

Tech sheet

5K SSV is designed for contingency at any flowback operation. The SSV is controlled by the rig Emergency Shut Down (ESD) system that will close the SSV remotely in an emergency.


Case study

Replacing previously used sand filtration system with a FourPhase DualFlow solids removal system and filter unit for a higher separation efficiency.

Solids Removal from Oil Based Mud

Tech sheet

Wellbore cleanout using Coiled Tubing, accompanied by a FourPhase 5Kpsi DualFlow unit.


Case study

Using DualFlow unit for interventionless kickstart & sand cleanout of well C-19 & C-03 at Gullfaks C, Statoil.

Production Specification Pipework

Tech sheet

For any stimulation or hydrocarbon flowback operation.

Optimal Production and Zero Flaring

Case Study

Together with our partner, FourPhase was to solve the waste management concerns of our client.


Case Study

The wellbore cleanout and separating fracturing proppants from the wellbore fluid using CT, accompanied by a DualFlow unit.


White paper

FourPhase’s view on production challenges for offshore operations.

Optimization of well performance

SPE Paper

Optimization of well performance by use of a semi-permanent dynamic desander. SPE SMN European Sand Management Forum 26-27 March 2014.

Sandaband Cleanout Case Study

Case study

A wellbore was scheduled for permanent plugging and abandonment. In preparation for the P&A, a wellbore cleanout had to be carried out accompanied by a CT operation.

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