Desander solids removal
05 December 2016

There are a number of aging oil and gas wells in production globally in addition to an increasing number of HPHT wells being drilled and set in production. Both aging wells and HPHT wells have significant challenges related to solids control while at the same time maintaining optimal well flow.

With these challenges present the Oil & Gas Industry must focus on working smarter and more efficiently. There has never been a greater need to apply new technology and implement innovative solutions. It is a fact that solids removal technology plays a major role in materially reducing costs and improving production efficiency in solids producing wells.

FourPhase solids removal technology enables Operators to increase the flow rate from producing wells while at the same time staying within the acceptable sand rate (ASR) criteria. This results in improved oil recovery at a lower cost per barrel. FourPhase technology provides a proven solution to maximising profit from each barrel of oil and/or gas. While the oil price is not something Operators can directly affect – increased production rates can compensate for loss of revenue while the oil price stays low. Further, FourPhase technology reduces all direct and indirect costs related to reactive sand management:

• Well intervention activities such as coiled tubing (CT) and snubbing clean-outs
• Separator cleaning and sand handling
• Heavy lifting
• Erosion of process plant
• POB necessary for doing maintenance on equipment suffering from sand production

FourPhase solids removal systems enable Operators to produce more for less while applying a proactive sand management strategy. In addition, FourPhase rents the equipment and personnel for a short and long term. This will ease Operators needs for new capital intensive investments (CAPEX), while introducing new technology without taking the risks connected to research, development and implementation themselves.

Gullfakcs C, Statoil has been among the pioneers in implementing FourPhase’s revolutionary continuous production unit – DualFlow. In the paper presented by Statoil at SPE Sand Management Forum in 2014*, Statoil highlighted the benefits achieved by installing the DualFlow unit for continuous solids removal. According to the presentation, FourPhase’s technology resulted in operational benefits (less jetting work, reduced sand problems in process plant, only one rig-up), cost savings (sand handling done offshore by reinjection, less need for CT sand clean out, more time for alternative CT operations) and improved oil recovery (higher flow rates without exceeding ASR, less down time for wells, optimised well performance).

FourPhase has proven to highly reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the need for costly intervention operations. In addition, providing uninterrupted continuous production.

Contact us to learn more about how FourPhase can revolutionize sand management on your installation.

*Optimization of well performance by use of a semi-permanent dynamic desander – SPE SMN European Sand Management Forum 26-27 March 2014
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