Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) & Quality commitment


With a growing population comes an increased need for energy, and as an industry, there is recognition and commitment to recover hydrocarbons in a more sustainable way. As a result, ESG plays a critical role in our business. We are backed by EV Private Equity (EVPE), who continuously focus on responsible investments. Together with them, we strive to adopt new technology and commit to change wherever we can improve our services and environmental footprint. EVPE is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and has been heavily involved in developing FourPhase´s business strategy to support the long-term viability of the upstream oil and gas industry.

Environmental – committed to decarbonization

With transparent solids management solutions and services, we provide technologies that reduce the carbon intensity of upstream oil and gas production.

Emissions reduction

Operators have traditionally used mitigating solutions such as re-completion and coiled tubing (CT) clean outs to ensure solids-free flow during production. As well as being costly in terms of cash expenditures and resources, these approaches are emissions-intensive with high levels of CO2 related to performing a re-completion or CT operation in terms of logistical impact.  We can offer operators a less carbon-intensive option. One that supports the industries commitment to decarbonization, reducing the environmental footprint per barrel produced.

Oil discharge

Oil discharged to sea due as a result of jetting operations can have an impact on marine ecosystems. Jetting of hydrocarbon contaminated sand particles constitute approximately 7% (average Norwegian continental shelf) of total oil discharges to the sea. Our patented separation and cleaning technology enable operators to remove and accurately log hydrocarbon contaminated sand particles.  Data shows that deploying our separation and cleaning technology on jetting operations can reduce the oil discharged to sea by up to 7%.

Chemical discharge

In connection with reducing marine pollution is the environmentally sound management of chemicals throughout their life cycle. As a key challenge across the globe, we are committed to developing more sustainable solutions. As a result, our patented technology enables separation of oil-contaminated solids and resin-coated proppants, avoiding discharge of hazardous resins to sea (offshore) or dump-pits (onshore).

Our commitment to this issue continues to drive our innovation, and we strive to give operators a better option. An option that enables them to recover hydrocarbons in a more sustainable way.

Case Study – Supporting Zero flaring operations

FourPhase solved the waste management concerns of our client that arose from the stimulation treatment of wells designed to boost production. Read more here: https://www.fourphase.com/projects/zero-flaring-operations/

Social – safety is our highest priority

When we consider the social factors around our operations, the safety of our people and everyone we interact with is our number one priority. As a company, we commit to acting responsibly for others and ourselves. Safety does not only influence how we conduct ourselves; it also impacts our technology. Manual handling-related activities in the workplace cause over a third of all workplace injuries in the oil and gas industry. As a result, we are proud that our automated capabilities can eliminate that risk. By enabling streamlined processes that limit the need for hazardous manual labour tasks, such as emptying separators for solids, we deliver solutions that lead to fewer manual processes in hazardous work environments. In 2020 we recorded:

  • Zero incidents, deaths
  • Zero lost time Incidents
  • Zero work-related illness
  • Zero damage to the external environment
  • Sick leave below 3%
  • Two critical events (near-misses)
Customer satisfaction

We are also proud to offer a thriving working environment for our teams across the globe. We foster a culture that informs and motivates. We also encourage commitment and leadership, with processes designed to reduce risk and enable experience transfer. The best way to illustrate this is through our customer’s satisfaction score, which in 2020 landed on an average of 95.7%.

Governance – ethical, always

Our focus is on producing and delivering products and services of high quality and reliability that can extend the lifetime of customers’ offshore production.  We are a qualified supplier in the Achilles supplier management systems and registered in the EPIM JQS database.

Our code of conduct, issued to all staff, ensures that the whole company understand our operational responsibilities and business ethics.

Link to our Ethics Code of Conduct

Quality – we will never stop striving to do more

We strive to deliver quality in everything that we do. Our team are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services across our entire value chain.

When designing and evolving our systems, it is the quality and attention to detail that matters. From explosion-proof touch screen control panels to built-in lights so the operator can see in the dark. Simple, practical details like an integrated ladder to an access platform on top, or sliding doors for protection during transportation, and labelling each element of the system clearly. Our precision and focus on quality are demonstratable across all aspects of the system build. We want to ensure that our systems and operators can be completely independent and, confident they have everything at hand to do their job effectively.

In addition, we operate with high standards and continuously improve our processes. Our certification with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 is a testament to this.

Overall, our commitment to ESG & Quality (ESG&Q) underpins every aspect of our business. We will continuously improve and develop as a company to provide technology that can reduce the environmental impact within the solids management sector.