11 September 2017

FourPhase has recently been awarded a contract for delivering surface solids management services.


FourPhase provides, patented, continuous solids removal systems for temporary intervention and long-term production applications. The cyclonic separation technology, engineered by FourPhase, is successfully field proven in the North Sea, Middle East and Caspian regions.

FourPhase has recently been awarded a multi-year contract or delivering solids management services, ensuring our customer has access to innovative and cost-effective technology for solids removal.  In addition to planning, executing and supervising integrated clean up/solids removal operations, FourPhase will also provide Solids Production reports which are aimed to contribute to the Operator’s overall sand management strategy.

Øyvind Heradstveit, CEO of FourPhase, commented: “FourPhase is delighted to secure this contract and support a holistic sand management strategy. Well clean-up, after reperforation, on a platform well is one of the latest successful operations where FourPhase has proven the capabilities of its DualFlow solids removal system.  The FourPhase team look forward to continuing to provide next generation solids management for intervention and permanent production applications.”


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