31 August 2018

Olof Nilsson has been appointed as Marketing Manager. We´re pleased to welcome him on-board the FourPhase team in Norway.

Olof’s background includes marketing of high-technology products as well as managing international innovation projects within our industry. His experience and understanding of the oil and gas sector will play an active role in FourPhase’s strategy to assist oil and gas achieving their production goals by implementing our unique solids removal technology.

With FourPhase’s latest developments of fully automated systems, we are breaking new ground in the solids management industry. Delivering systems on unmanned rigs requires our latest technology within remotely operated solids handling systems, including real-time monitoring and logging system. Compact and comprehensible interfaces enable the operators to optimize their well performance and truly have the potential of transforming our industry to meet the 21st-century requirements.

“In general, these types of industry advancements need to be communicated widely to release their full potential and extensive market adoption. Olof’s role will be key in communicating how our solutions will transform operations, improve HSE and increase production for oil and gas operators” says FourPhase CEO, Øyvind Heradstveit.

You can connect with Olof on LinkedIn.

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