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22 August 2016

UK Intellectual Property Office has issued Notice of Grant for Patent No. GB2529779


FourPhase has been awarded a Notice of Grant for the Patent No.GB2529779 for it’s technology innovation within solids separation for an apparatus that separates solid particles from a hydrocarbon-containing fluid produced from a production facility. The apparatus comprises a Dynamic Solids Separator(s), Solids Buffer & Wash Plant. It includes fluidisation flushing units, solid collection weight measurements and the recycling of solids through the wash until clean. In addition, the solids separator includes advanced production sample weighing and data acquisition for accurate real time information on removed solids.

Notice of Grant of the patent has been published in the Official Journal (Patents) on 17 August 2016 and this is the date from which the patent took effect.

The new patent expands the scope of the existing patents further proving that FourPhase is among leading companies within solids separation technology world-wide.

“FourPhase`s is continuously focusing on further development of solids separation technology while enabling our customers to deal with solids efficiently and cost-effectively. Customers around the world are already using our leading technology with the DualFlow system for short term well cleanout interventions and long term production optimization operations. FourPhase`s solids separation technology allows increased production and highly reduces the need for workover interventions with coiled tubing in fields where solids are present. This clearly gives significant cost savings to our customers,” said Anders Arefjord, BD Norway and patent author.

This patent is only a part of the broad and robust patent portfolio that FourPhase is pursuing worldwide.

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