20 September 2017
Photo: Eivind Støren


FourPhase provides patented, continuous solids removal systems for temporary intervention and long-term production applications. The cyclonic separation technology, engineered by FourPhase, is successfully field proven in the North Sea, Middle East and Caspian regions.

During intervention and continuous production applications, FourPhase’s patented DualFlow system separates solids from the well stream allowing for increased production and optimized well performance. DualFlow has been proven to effectively separate various types of solids, including sand, chalk and proppants.
Earth Surface Sediment Laboratory (Earthlab), part of the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Bergen (UiB), was established in 2014 to provide new infrastructure and expertise for solving problems in the study of earth surface processes.

Malvern Mastersizer 3000 will be among the technologies used to analyze solids samples from FourPhase. It uses a laser diffraction technique to measure particle size distributions in the range of 0.01 microns up to 3.5 mm. Malvern Morphologi G3 measures particle size, and shape of samples, using static image analysis and will be used to measure particles in the range from 0.5 to 1000 microns.

FourPhase performs solids sample analysis to confirm efficiency of the separation process of the DualFlow system as well as to perform R&D work. Analysis of the particle size, size distribution and shape can provide valuable insights related to further development of the DualFlow desander system.

The initiative for collaboration has been taken by Thomas Mathiassen, a new project manager in FourPhase and reservoir physics graduate from the University of Bergen. According to Thomas, FourPhase looks forward to collaborating with UiB’s Earthlab and sees this as a collaboration between industry and academia. ‘’Earthlab has the most modern technology in the market when it comes to sediment analysis and we look forward to having a chance to work with their highly competent team’’, he added.

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