Shell Gannet North Sea



Two wells were planned for cleanup flow after reperforation using wireline intervention. The aim of performing the cleanup was to enhance production from the wells post reperforating. Once the FourPhase solids removal system was mobilized, the scope of the operation was expanded by two additional wells.

Operational considerations:
– High expectation of sand during the initial cleanup

There was a high expectation of sand during the initial cleanup, therefore the use of the FourPhase DualFlow solids removal system was chosen for the collection of any sand produced to surface assuring high separation efficiency and minimal space requirements due to system’s compact design. The FourPhase system continuously separated and removed solids which were then flushed to external skips on the hatch deck. The cleaned return fluids were routed to an unused wellhead to allow access back into the production stream.

– No recorded HSE incidents.
– No recorded equipment downtime
– 912 kg of solids separated during the cleanout operation.

Successful reperforation operation met clients’ expectations and resulted in FourPhase solids removal system being requested for upcoming operations.

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