Kickstart of a Wellbore with Damaged Screens

North Sea


MAY 2018


Turning $3.5m of coiled tubing campaign cost into $58m profit using a FourPhase DualFlow desander.
A major Norwegian oil and gas producer experienced a screen collapse in one of their highest producing wellbores.
This caused a significant volume of solids to be produced into the wellbore and furthermore reaching the production
facility. The well was immediately shut-in due to solids handling limitations topside. A wireline operation was performed
but was held up at a shallow depth of 1 575m. It was then assumed that the well was almost completely filled with solids.
The well was scheduled for a plug and abandonment (P&A) followed by drilling of a side-step to regain production.
Prior to the execution of a P&A operation, the wellbore must be cleaned down to the appropriate depth to allow for setting
of barrier plugs etc. A Coiled Tubing (CT) operation will be a typical solution for these types of cleanout purposes.


After evaluation of using Coiled Tubing to clean out the wellbore, it was decided to make an attempt to kick-start the
well while handling the solids at surface by use of a 5K DualFlow production unit. The DualFlow unit was already
installed and in operation, as part of continuous production solution on other solids producing wellbores connected via
the test manifolds in the production system. No downsides were identified during the evaluation of a kick-start attempt
on the well, and if successful, the cost of additional personnel on board (POB) and logistic impact would also be



By use of the 5K DualFlow production enhancement system, the well was able to be kick-started and the majority of
the solids causing a blockage was lifted out. There was an assumption that the well was (if able to be revived) flowing
with a water cut of 99%. It turned out that during the initial recovery period the actual water cut was only 71%. The P&A
operation was canceled and the well was decided to be turned into a continuous production application with indication
of high oil production potential.
• Significant reduction in personnel and equipment compared to CT operation
• There was a total production earning due to recovered oil during the Initial Production Recovery stage of $1.4m
equaling a total planned operation difference of $4.9m


The well is being produced through the 5K DualFlow production enhancement system, providing an average oil
production of ~560Sm³/day. The wellbore is maintained at surface with a separation efficiency of >99%. Total solids
removed (YTD) of 7 817kg.
• All sand is continuously transported out of the wellbore ensuring an always clean wellbore
• During the operation, achieving a higher sand free oil production rate at the production facility, giving a direct profit
of $0.23m/day
• Estimate of a conservative 250 production days for a full year, gives a total earning due to the 5K DualFlow
production enhancement system of $58m