Sandaband clean-out – preparation for P&A of 3 wells

Well Clean out
North Sea




A wellbore was scheduled for permanent plugging and abandonment (P&A). In preparation for the P&A, a wellbore cleanout had to be carried out accompanied by a Coiled Tubing (CT) operation. The operator has used Sandaband as a temporary plugging material. (Sandaband is a combination of non-consolidating, non-segregating and non-shrinking high-strength quartz particles.)

Operational considerations:

  • Circulate out the Sandaband plugging material and perform wellbore cleanout
  • Separate and collect the Sandaband particles (0.1µm – 2500µm)
  • Limited deck space due to simultaneous operations
  • Large slugs of finest Sandaband particles (<10 µm) expected (estimate: 1 ton/hour)



The solution was to perform a wellbore cleanout using Coiled Tubing, accompanied by two 5K DualFlow units hooked up in serial due to contingency issue allowing safe flowback and separation of Sandaband particles. Minimal deck space available due to ongoing CT operation, however we managed to install two 5K DualFlow (2 m x 2 m x 3.2 m) due to its very compact design.



The Operator recognized the cleanout operation of Sandaband as a success. The DualFlow units demonstrated excellent separation of the large amount of even very fine Sandaband particles during flowback.

Key operational outcomes:

  • No recorded HSE incidents.
  • No recorded equipment downtime
  • 100% Cleanout
  • A total of 8978 kg of solids was separated