Well Clean out North Sea

100% Flowback operational success



The well was drilled in 2012 and completed as a horizontal producer in 2013. Since completion the well has been shut and awaiting intervention operation to perforate the cemented liner and acid stimulate the well. The oil based mud in the 4” reservoir liner has been in the liner since it was first cemented in place in 2012.

  • Settled out Oil Based Mud expected
  • Minimal deck space



Solution was found to perform a wellbore cleanout using Coiled Tubing, accompanied by a FourPhase 5K DualFlow unit allowing separation of particles such as drilled solids, calcium carbonate, commercial clay, Micromax and Barite from the oil based mud.

5K DualFlowThe DualFlow 5K PSI unit uses next generation solid removal technology that was developed and engineered by FourPhase and is the leading solids removal solution on the market. The DualFlow is used in surface applications where solids might be present during production or intervention cleanup applications.


The wellbore cleanout and separation of solids from Oil Based Mud was a great operational success. The DualFlow unit showed good capacity and separation abilities on oil based mud. A total of 1074 kg of solids was separated throughout the operation.

  • No recorded HSE incidents
  • No recorded equipment downtime
  • 1074 kg of solids removed from OBM
  • 100% Flowback operational success