Customer in the Middle East


Zero Flaring



Together with our partner, FourPhase was to solve the waste management concerns of our client that arose from stimulation treatment of wells designed to boost production. The well flow back effluent after simulation consisted of gas, oil, water, oily solids and oil-water emulsions. All well flow back effluent was flared. This practice contributed greatly to air pollution (due to by-products of combustion) and water pollution (due to solids drop out and inefficient flaring).


One FourPhase SingleFlow 10kPSI unit was delivered January 2013 in addition to Three SingleFlow 5kPSI units that were delivered to I.M.S.C. Ltd January 2014, for operations both onshore and offshore within the company. Our systems are used for kick starting wells, restoring and increasing production. The system treats the flow back well in the way that there is zero oil flaring during the process.

SingleFlow – Solids removal in high preassure wells:

  • 10kPSI unit designed for long-term production
  • Next generation hydrocyclone
  • For use in HPHT surface applications where solids might be present during production or intervention clean-up application.



Continuous production at maximum flowrate, meeting the goals of achieving Zero Flaring for our customer, both on and offshore in gas and oil wells. Together with our partner and the use of FourPhase equipment, we have performed multiple successful operations while proving to be an expert in continuous production and solids removal management. The company has signed a long-term contract with the customer and has proven to be a valuable partner in production and solids removal management. The operation was completed with no recorded HSE incidents.