Continuous production

FourPhase is revolutionizing the way produced solids are managed by using a unique, patented and field-proven technology to help operators deliver a step change increase in production, while reducing cost per barrel.

FourPhase’s solids removal system enables continuous solids removal and ensures solids-free flow – enabling operators to optimize production without costly and time-consuming CT/HWO cleanouts. System is designed with focus on solids removal from multiple wells with remote access condition monitoring – providing operators with enhanced process monitoring and control. The system integrates the continuous measurement, modelling and removal of solids at the well and lets you optimize well production without interventions.


FourPhase’s Solids Removal System uses a unique patented and field-proven technology to increase the performance of underperforming or shut-in wells with interventionless clean-up. Our Solids Removal System is designed with focus on minimal logistical impact and with the greatest emphasis on safe and quick installation.

The system, that includes a next generation cyclone desander, lets you resolve the problem of solids production at the surface without the need for subsurface intervention.

In addition to interventionless kickstart and clean out operations the system can also be used in order to remove solids after coiled tubing and concentric coiled tubing cleanout operations.


Our Systems use a patented and field-proven next generation cyclone desander technology to increase the performance of under performing or shut-in wells.

Multifunctional Systems

The systems are designed with focus on minimal logistical impact and with the greatest emphasis on safe and quick installation.

Market differentiating technology:

  • Wide flexibility in flow range
  • Separation of solids down to 20 micron
  • Highest proven solids separation efficiency of 99.8% in the market
  • Online solids measurement and performance monitoring
  • 2.0 x 2.0 meter footprint
  • Online sand weighing technology and precision – 0.1 kg accuracy
  • Metal/metal sealing on flowback package – maintains system integrity
  • Multi-well hook-up capability
  • An interlock system is used to control all valves during vessel isolation

Our Continuous Production and Solids Removal Systems integrate the measurement, modelling and removal of solids at the well, enabling production engineers to fine tune the well flow in real-time to deliver maximum solids-free production.

Real-time information for better quality decisions

  • Weight of solids removed
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure (six locations)
  • Temperature
  • Asset integrity of desander system


Multiple tie-in possibilities (directly to the X-mas tree or test manifold)
Metal to metal seals meeting requirements for top-side production systems
Light duplex pipes for minimising heavy lifting
X-flow Choke Manifold enables easy routing of flow for connection to multiple wells
Dual cyclone system for continuous production
Dual cyclone system for continuous production
Interlock system on all valves avoids human error related incidents with valves

What are your production objectives?


    Fourphase ensure continuous solids removal and solid-free flow enabling operators to optimize production:

    • Operate at maximized well flow
    • Meet production objectives

    Enhancing the performance of underperforming wells, with interventionless clean-up

    • Reinstate continuous production
    • Gain more from less
  • Restore PRODUCTION

    Extending the life of the well,protecting the reservoir,the wellbore and process equipment from solids build-up and long-term damage:

    • Optimize well performance
    • Longer productivity and improved economics


  • Continuous separation

    Continuously maintain optimum flow in the wellbore to prevent choking back production and to better manage solids; Continuously remove solids from the wellstream to ensure solids-free flow from the well.

  • Continuous measurement

    Continuously measuring, modelling and simulating wellbore and wellstream behaviour using live and historic information; we track solids production, monitor trends and generate better decision-making information.

  • Continuous production

    Enabling operators to continuously optimize well production at the maximum flow rate without the need to shut-in the well or undertake costly interventions.


field proven

Most operator’s objective is to produce as much as possible from the well without crossing acceptable sand rate (ASR) level. Typically, both well production and sand production increase. No longer a compromise with FourPhase, production increases while sand is held below the ASR level.



Technical sheets

5K DualFlow Technical Sheet


Capability Brochure

To learn more about our products and services please see our Capability brochure.

SPE Paper SMN European
Sand Management Forum

Optimization of well performance by use of a semi-permanent dynamic desander By Asle Sandven / Ted Brueren MSc. SPE SMN European Sand Management

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Interventionless Kickstart & Sand Cleanout of well C-19 & C-03

White Paper

Solids Removal at Statoil’s Gullfaks C using cyclone desander

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