Lessons from the pandemic:

Learn how FourPhase has navigated the pandemic

With CTO, Jorgen Bruntveit and Chairman, Steve Kent


Three webinars available on-demand

During Q1 2021, we ran a series of three webinars hosted by our Chairman, Steve Kent and CTO, Jorgen Bruntveit.  In the webinars series, Steve and Jorgen discussed “Lessons from the Pandemic” and its impact on various aspects of the industry.

The first webinar, Lessons from the pandemic: Increasing Oil Production, took place on 21st January at 1400 CET.  If you missed it but would still like to view it, then you can access it “on-demand” here. (Access Passcode: &F4RJHXb)

The second webinar, Lessons from the pandemic: Re-thinking remote, took place on 25th February at 1400 CET.  You can watch it “on-demand” here.

The final webinar, Lessons from the pandemic: How solids management can unlock decarbonisation -took place on the 29th of April at 1400 CET. You can watch it “on-demand” here. (Access Passcode: C0dN@^^6 )



How can solids management increase oil production?

How close are we to remote operations?

How can we step-up and accelerate the industry’s route to decarbonisation?

Jorgen Bruntveit
FourPhase CTO

Jørgen is an inventor and holder of multiple patents connected to solids removal technology. He has 17 years operational experience in the oil and gas industry, working with Baker Hughes for 10 years before joining FourPhase in 2013. Alongside solids removal technology he actively works on the development and production of high technology downhole tools.

Steve Kent
FourPhase Executive Chairman

Steve joins FourPhase with wide experience within the international oil and gas services industry. From an international career with Schlumberger and Weatherford to co-founding the investment house Epi-V leading to multiple exits in the sector.


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