6 000 bbl/day production increase utilising a DualFlow

Gulf of Mexico


Managing solids production from the “Devil’s Well”

A major American Operator is experiencing solids production in multiple wells on one of its platforms. Due to the inefficiency of the solids and water handling equipment, onboard a high producing well had been shut-in due to the sand production.

  • Shut-in well – “The Devils well” due to significant solids and fines production
  • A significant volume of solids from multiple wells filled separators
  • Fine particles caused bad water quality
  • Vital to avoid a temporary shutdown to empty the separator manually
  • Multiple solutions were tried, but unsuccessful, hence the well was closed for over two years
  • A filter solution and temporary process system had not been effective
  • POB of 20



A DualFlow 5K PSI production enhancement unit was installed on the platform and in continuous use for 167 days with Zero downtime creating a production increase of over 10% overall. The system’s small footprint (HxWxD) 10.9×6.6×6.6 ft and low weight 19 000 lb was considered attractive to use as a retrofit desander due to the current insufficient solids management system.

  • A DualFlow and 5-micron filter package installed
  • Located upstream from the production separator



The system ran continuously for 167 days with zero downtime, creating a production increase of over 10% as a result of bringing these wells back to production. In numbers, this means an increase of 6 000 bbl/day which generated $ 30MUSD of additional profit to the operator during the operational period. Annualized the number increases to $65 MUSD profit.

  • Increased Production: 6 000 bbl/day, peaking at 8 000 bbl/day
  • Additional Profit: $30M USD
  • Operating hours with zero downtime: +4 000h
  • Equipment weight reduction: From 130t to 30t
  • POB Reduction: From 20 to 6